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SimBee featured in Mawa exhibit in Canada
SimBee, an art project co-created by Dr. Isbister and Rainey Straus, is currently on display both live and on the internet as part of an exhibit in Winnipeg, Canada titled "Grrls, Chicks, Sisters & Squaws: Les Citoyennes du Cyberspace". To see the quicktime movies of the piece or learn more about it, visit the exhibit website.
by Katherine

SimVeillance: San Jose wins honorable mention at ISEA
SimVeillance: San Jose, an art piece created by Dr. Isbister and Rainey Straus, on display until the end of November at the San Jose Museum of Art, was given an honorable mention for the Adobe Emerging Artist Award at the ISEA festival in San Jose in August. The work was chosen by a jury comprised of Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Deborah Lawler-Dormer, Director of the Moving Image Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, and Adriane Wortzel, a leading new media artist based in New York. The full details about the award can be found on the festival blog.
by Katherine

Interview in Gamasutra with Dr. Isbister and Nicole Lazzaro
On July 14, Gamasutra published an interview conducted by Patrick Dugan during this year's Game Developer Conference, titled "Constraint is Design: Katherine Isbister and Nicole Lazzaro on Intimate Relations". The article provides a window into some of the concepts in Dr. Isbister's book, Better Game Characters by Design.
by Katherine

Albany Times Union article about game development in the Capital region
This Sunday's Times Union Business section featured games-related activity in the Capital region, including RPI's participation in this growth, and mentioning Dr. Isbister's July 6 book signing. The article is available online.
by Katherine

Book signing at Market Block Books on July 6
Dr. Isbister will do a brief reading and book signing to celebrate the release of Better Game Characters by Design at Market Block Books, in downtown Troy. All are welcome!
by Katherine

Better Game Characters by Design now available!
Dr. Isbister's book, Better Game Characters by Design: A Psychological Approach, is now available! An overview of the book is available on this website, and you can order the book directly through this link to Amazon.

Thanks to all those who have patiently awaited the book--look for more news here about release parties and other book-related events.
by Katherine

Better Game Characters featured in Gamasutra
An excerpted chapter from Dr. Isbister's Better Game Characters by Design: A Psychological Approach is currently featured on Gamasutra's website. The book will be released on June 5 by Morgan Kaufmann.
by Katherine

IGDA Game Curriculum Day Summary posted...
There is now an excellent summary of the Game Design Curriculum day, led by Katie Salen and Dr. Isbister, available on the IGDA website.
by Katherine

Emotion Bootcamp covered by Gamasutra
Dr. Isbister and her colleague Nicole Lazzaro led an all-day tutorial at this year's Game Developers Conference that was covered by Gamasutra this week.
by Katherine

Emotion Bootcamp is an Editor's Pick in Game Developer
An all-day tutorial at this year's Game Developers Conference led by Dr. Isbister and her colleague Nicole Lazzaro--Emotion Bootcamp--was selected as one of Associate Editor Brandon Sheffield's Picks for the conference. The endorsement can be found on page 18 of the March issue of Game Developer magazine.
by Katherine

Sensual Evaluation Instrument paper nominated for Chi best paper
A paper describing the work on the Sensual Evaluation Instrument, a collaboration between Isbister and Kristina Höök of SICS, with help from Michael Sharp of Rensselaer and Jarmo Laaksolahti of SICS, was nominated for CHI 2006 best paper.
by Katherine

Special Issue of IJHCS on Affective Evaluation
Professor Isbister and Kristina Höök, of the Swedish Institute for Computer Science, will co-edit a special issue of the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. The issue focuses on affective evaluation methods--ways to find out about how users are feeling as they use interactive systems. Why not submit a paper?
by admin

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by Katherine Isbister