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Projects at the Games Research Lab include:

  • Friendly Games Research
    (Projects exploring social and emotional aspects of gaming)

    Extroverted Play
    An exploration of the underlying social psychological principles which make some games more engaging and social than others, in particular games that engage more of a person's physical and emotional expression.

    A recreation of the researchers and staff, as well as the facilities of the SBRL (Social and Behavioral Research Lab). This is a pilot project for SimVeillance (see below)

  • SimWorks Art Series
    (an ongoing artistic collaboration between Isbister & Straus)

    Wriggle! A gesture-based game that allows players to explore emotional dynamics (more to come soon)...

    SimVeillance. Installation using the Sims 2 and surveillance cameras in a public square. Currently in development for display at ISEA 2006.

    SimBee. A parody of the work of Vanessa Beecroft within the Sims, exploring the nature of representation and exploitation. Exhibited in New York, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA.

    SimGallery Project. Gallery and curated art show within an online multiplayer gameworld. Exhibited in San Francisco, Toronto, Prague, and other venues.

The Games Research Lab hosts a biweekly Games Research seminar, in which we examine new games and discuss ongoing research and ideas for new projects. Rensselaer students are welcome to contact us to join the seminar mailing list to learn about upcoming meetings.